Brake & Clutch Repairs Gold Coast

If you have any concerns experience any of the following
A soft , hard, spongy or low pedal.
Car is veering to either side.
Steering wheel shaking.
Grinding or squealing noises
It’s time to call Steve Aronld Mobile Mechanics Gold Coast on 0418752995

Pre-Purchase Inspection Gold Coast

For peace of mind we offer Pre-Purchase Inspections which includes a 57 Point checklist and written report.

Fleet servicing Gold Coast
To enquire about our discounted rates on fleet servicing please contact us on 0418752995.

Logbook Servicing Gold Coast

We offer logbook servicing all work is carried out as specified by the manufacturer using Genuine parts where specified.

Electronic Fuel Injection Gold Coast

If you have a fuel system or injector issue you’re experiencing difficulty starting your car car is leaking fuel or using too much fuel or running rough we can diagnose and Address any issues with faulty components like pumps fuel injectors fuel pressure regulator fuel tanks and fuel filters.

Breakdown services Gold Coast

Our breakdown service is just a phone call away covering the Gold Coast between 6 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday
6 AM to 12 AM Saturday

Major and Minor servicing
By not having your car serviced you are risking wear and tear to your car which could cause damage to other mechanical and electrical components and may lead to higher costs
Minor service includes
-replace engine oil
-replace engine oil filter
-clean air filter
-top up levels
-adjust type pressure
-lubricate door hinges
-safety check
-check brake system
-cooling system pressure test
-test drive

Major Services
-replaced engine oil
-replaced engine oil filter
-replace air filter
-replace fuel filter
-replace spark plugs
-clean throttle body
-top up levels
-safety check
-check for oil leaks
-check and adjust brakes
-cooling system pressure test
-road test

Check Engine Light Diagnosis Gold Coast
It is never a good idea to ignore fault lights they are a early warning system and taking action could save further damage to your vehicle we have specialist diagnostic equipment pinpoint faults and identify solutions.